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AWH Tompok Utara is the anchorage area strategically located in the east of Johor, Malaysia and solely operated by AWH with the approval of the Malaysian Marine Department (MARDEP).

The strong support from other Malaysian Authorities like Malaysia Cost Guard (APMM), Immigration Department of Malaysia and Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMC) has ensured that the area is safe and highly secure for any off-shore activities as well as safe from any piracy attack.

Currently AWH Tompok Utara is the only approved lay-up area at Malaysia’s East Johor water which strategically located close to Singapore, 2 hours from Johor Port & Malaysian Marine Heavy Industries Shipyard at Pasir Gudang.

This lay-up area is gazetted by MARDEP and has covers a wide spectrum of total marine logistics services to cater for the vessel and oil rigs cold/warm lay-up operation in the said area.

  • Strategic Location:
    1. Well positioned between Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, with virtuous weather conditions.
    2. Ideal water depths 11m to 32m for lay-up of all types of tonnage.
    3. Colossal area that can cater up to 100 Rigs/Vessel at a time with safe distance of 1NW between each Rigs/Vessels.
    4. Free from any close quarter situations.


AWH been a sole operator has contributed a huge role in developing the Tompok Utara Anchorage area to facilitate the vessels and rigs lay-up especially for maintenance and repairs as required by our customers and owners with a huge area which able to cater a minimum of 15 rigs/vessel at a time with a suitable water depth of 30m.

AWH offering flexibility and special tailor package of cost-effective services to meet the needs of ship-owners for warm stack, hot and cold lay-up duration. Our team expertise and extensive contacts means we can ensure the best possible service during lay-up.

The Tompok Utara Anchorage area also free from any close quarter situation as we have a safe distance of up to 1 NW between each vessel/rig that anchor with the dedicated standby safety boat paroling at that area.

lay-up services by AWH


AWH provides a package of cost effective services to meet the needs of ships in hot and cold laid ups at a range of locations around Malaysian waters At each location, we have the local expertise and contacts mean it can ensure the best possible service during lay up.

We can assured our owners operators of ships to be laid up a peace of mind, we could coordinate and handle all logistics matters documentation safety security matters, maintenance, inspections, crew transfers, ship supplies and regular status reports.

  • Specialize in:
    1. Marine Engineering & Repair Services
    2. Garbage Collection & Disposal
    3. Underwater Inspections & Repairs
    4. Launch, Cargo & Work Boats

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